Privacy, Media and Technology

Our barristers have expertise in traditional media law fields, such as defamation, privacy, and breach of confidence issues, as well as related areas like intellectual property and sports/events marketing. We also understand how information is the lifeblood of the new economy, and digital disrupters are transforming how we think and work. In the process, concerns are growing over privacy and data protection, and how the law should keep pace with technology.

How a modern society reconciles the issues, to enable the benefits of online tools while taming the fears of big data and media access to everything we do, looms as the most pressing set of legal issues for courts and policy-makers in future.

We also advise and represent a number of technology companies at the forefront of new digital, media and software applications. They might be brave new entrants, treated as mavericks challenging an out-dated legal framework, or established players adapting and innovating to stay ahead.


Gary represents media and broadcasting companies, tech innovators like Uber, handles complaints/investigations by sector regulators, and works on a range of privacy or confidential information cases.

Alex is an experienced social media lawyer acting for clients in the online environment including intellectual property aspects of social media and online marketing.